Lost Ottawa, Book One, contains the most popular stories posted to Lost Ottawa on Facebook from 2013 to 2017, as determined by the members of the Lost Ottawa community. Maybe that’s why it was the best-selling local interest book in Canada for 2018. 

Lost Ottawa, Book Two, contains 75 of the most popular stories posted to Lost Ottawa on Facebook in 2017 and 2018. These are the stories you’ll love, organized around our five seasons — Winter, Spring Summer, Fall, and Second Winter!

What is Lost Ottawa?

Lost Ottawa is a Facebook community whose 50,000 members post images of Ottawa from 1800 AD to the Year 2000. When a photo catches their eye, members of the community leave dozens and sometime hundreds of comments about forgotten buildings, places, and events around the nation’s capital.


In 2017 we took our most popular stories, meaning the posts with the most likes, shares and comments, and put them together in Lost Ottawa, Book One. People liked that so much we had to come out with a Lost Ottawa, Book Two. Now there’s a third book on the way, containing 75 more pictures and stories that will be sure to get you laughing — and sometimes crying — about life in our fantastic city.

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Get More Lost Ottawa!

At Lost Ottawa we post at least two and sometimes as many as six photos every day. We post every morning and every night, but you might not be seeing them in your Facebook feed. That's because Facebook has deliberately turned down the distribution of pages like ours...

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A Free Book! What’s up with that?

Lost Ottawa has a new book out. It's an electronic book called Souvenir of Lost Ottawa. It contains 40 beautiful colourized images of Ottawa from the years 1900 to 1914 — and we're giving it away free! What's up with that? We have so many answers to that question it...

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Catch up on the latest Lost Ottawa Facebook Posts

We've got a new feature for you here on the Lost Ottawa website. It's a page that contains all the latest posts from Lost Ottawa on Facebook. If you missed some recent posts, now you can catch up! Our new feature is a response to the fact that Facebook used its famous...

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