Lost Ottawa Book Two

This is the follow up to our fabulous Lost Ottawa, Book 1.

Like our first book, it draws on the stories posted to the Lost Ottawa community page on Facebook, where ordinary folks are always posting pictures that bring back forgotten memories of people and places around the city — and the sometimes crazy things thy used to do.

Once again we have 75 of our most popular stories as chosen by the people who gave them the most likes and shares.

Each one comes with a picture, a short blurb, and a concretion composed of comments left by people who were determined to tell it like it was!

You’ll be amazed at what you forgot!

Available as an ebook and a paperback on Amazon.


What’s Inside Lost Ottawa Book 2?

We’ve got seventy-five of the most popular stories from Lost Ottawa on Facebook since 2016.

There’s Elvis in Ottawa, movies at the Capitol Theatre, riding the streetcars, going to school, winning cars at the Ex, dining Peter’s Pantry, the Hayloft, the Old Spaghetti Factory, drinking in Hull, learning to skate on the outdoor rink, the milkman —  and so much more you forgot you remembered!

As Nick wrote below: “Every page a memory!”

Here’s what people had to say about Lost Ottawa 2

Just ordered mine. Loved the first book so much.


Pre ordered mine. Reading for second time!! Wonderful book!


Just got Lost Ottawa Book 2 in the mail. Opened up to a few random pages, every one a memory!


Book #1 was awesome. Can’t wait for #2.


Couldn’t wait for someone to open it on Christmas morning!


Hope it ends up under my Christmas tree this year …