Lost Ottawa Book One

Cover of Lost Ottawa Book 1

Lost Ottawa is a Facebook Community where people post historical pictures of Ottawa, Gatineau, and the Valley from the dawn of time to the year 2000.

These are pictures of things “lost” in one way or another. Sometimes gone forever, or changed beyond all recognition, or simply lost to memory, until a photo brings them back.

When that happens, people often leave comments about the places they used to go and the things they used to do. And now Lost Ottawa has 50,000 members, that can be a lot comments!

In Lost Ottawa Book 1 we brought together 76 of the most popular stories from our first four years on Facebook, using the posts that the community literally liked the best.

Readers liked the resulting book so much that it became the bestselling local-interest book in Canada for 2018.

We know you’ll like it too!

Available as an ebook and a paperback on Amazon. 

What’s Inside Lost Ottawa Book 1?

Remember taking in a movie at the Capitol Theatre? Riding the streetcars? Sneaking in to the Britannia Drive-In. Enjoying (or not) those rides at the Exhibition?

How about typing class? The chick hatchery at the Science and Tech Museum? Dining with Grandma at the Green Valley Restaurant? Drinking at the British Hotel?

We’ve got all that and more in Lost Ottawa, Book One and in case you think we’re milking it — we even have the milkman!

Put yourself in the picture and check out our gallery by clicking on the sample pages.

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Here’s what people had to say about Lost Ottawa Book 1

I have it on the coffee table. Everyone who visits my place gets right into it.


Got your book as a Christmas present and have not yet put it down yet. Thank you for all the wonderful information.


Got your book for Christmas. Dinner will be late …


“We gave my 101 year old Mother-In-Law your book for Christmas and she loved it. Her Christmas basket was filled with many things but Lost Ottawa was the hit. Thank You.”


Christmas morning at the kitchen table – turning through each page and listening to my father and mother-in-law talk about each photo and their memories. Conversation not stopping. Awesome.


At 96, my dad isn’t the easiest person to buy for …  Today we gave him a copy of your book and he was absolutely thrilled. He thanked me 3 or 4 times. Thanks for the memories Lost Ottawa!