Sunday Outing: An often forgotten place that’s nice to visit is the Rockeries, located in Rockcliffe at the end of Acacia Street. It’s a pretty spot that contains bits a pieces of old Ottawa buildings, including the original Carnegie Library. You can also get to it from the Parkway.

Lost Ottawa Aha, a nice “Lost” part of Ottawa! It is at the north end of Acacia Street in Rockcliffe.

Heather Weinrich I too got married there 🙂 Lovely spot. Check out the history of the fountain:

Sarah DiLabio McKee That’s where I got married! I’ve been meaning to take the kids there to show them, but keep forgetting. Thanks for the reminder!

Sharon Olenick Used to visit this area with my Grandparents who lived on Springfield…was always a magical place.

Jen Constable Stelzer Rockcliffe Park. 🙂

Anneke Dubash Someone stole the Babes from the fountain a few years ago. Were they returned or replaced?

Alana Bauer Thank you for posting these! You inspired my parents to surprise me with the opportunity to go walk around and take some of my own pictures! After I drove there not knowing where I was going! Had an amazing day that I will remember for a long time!!

Ryan Germundson Must go here!

David Kirkwood It’s beautiful, I will have to check it out.

Marcia Mordfield Rockcliffe, I was actually there last weekend. Beautiful area to walk.

Jason Dalnoki Got married right there as well lol