Lost Ottawa – Book Two


Lost Ottawa, Book Two is here, containing 75 more of the stories that made Lost Ottawa, Book One the best-selling local-interest book in Canada last year.  

These are the most popular stories posted to Lost Ottawa on Facebook since January 2017.  Stories of people, place, and growing up in the nation’s capital.

If you liked the first book, you’ll love the second. Learn more by clicking on the description link below.

Order online right now and we’ll send you a signed copy next business day. You’ll be enjoying history (yes, history!) in no time.

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Lost Ottawa was the best-selling local interest book in Canada last year. That’s right! According to our friends at Chapters/Indigo, we sold more copies of Lost Ottawa than anyone sold books about Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver.

So what could we do? With that much interest we had to come out with a Lost Ottawa, Book Two.

Now it’s here, containing the the most popular posts from Lost Ottawa on Facebook since January 2017.

As with the first book, each story is accompanied by a picture and a short description, followed by a conversation composed of memories that members of the Lost Ottawa community shared on line.

Each conversation is the real deal. They are what people really said about what it was like to see Elvis at the Auditorium, attend a midnight show at the Towne Cinema, float like Scarlett O’Hara down the stairs of the Capitol Theatre, win that car at the Ottawa Ex, learn to skate on an outdoor rink, ride the Paddy Wagon in Hull, or find that perfect gift at Bill’s Joke Shop.

It’s history of the people by the people. Your history. Your father’s history. What mom (now grandmom) used to do. Stories of people, places and events that are sometimes sad and sometimes hilarious. Stories of life and even love in the nation’s capital. Stories about the rhythms of Ottawa life, the patterns that shaped the city and the people who live here.

Learn more by checking out the table of contents, or looking at the pictures on the back cover.

Order your copy of Lost Ottawa, Book Two online. We’ll send you a signed copy right away.

Learn things about the city you never knew. Re-live a past you forgot you remembered!

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