Lost Ottawa Book Two

What is Lost Ottawa?

Lost Ottawa is a Facebook community whose 46,000 members post images of Ottawa from 1800 AD to the Year 2000. When a photo really catches their eye, members of the community leave dozens and sometime hundreds of comments about forgotten buildings, places, and events around the nation’s capital.

Last year we put seventy-five of the most popular posts from our first four years together in a book entitled Lost Ottawa. That became the bestselling local-interest book in Canada. So what could we do? Now, there’s a Lost Ottawa, Book Two.

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What’s in Lost Ottawa, Book Two?

What’s inside? Seventy-five of the most popular stories from Lost Ottawa on Facebook since 2016.

These are the stories that people themselves chose as their favourites, meaning the posts they gave the most likes, on which they made the most comments.

What kind of stories? We’ve got Elvis in Ottawa, movies at the Capitol Theatre, riding the streetcars, going to school, winning cars at the Ex, dining at restaurants like Peter’s Pantry, the Hayloft, the Old Spaghetti Factory, drinking in Hull, learning to skate on the outdoor rink, the milkman … and so much more you forgot you remembered. 

As one of our people wrote: “Every page a memory!”

Here’s what people are saying about Lost Ottawa, Book Two

Just ordered mine. Loved the first book so much.


Pre ordered mine. Reading for second time!! Wonderful book!!


Just got my Lost Ottawa Book II in the mail. Opened up to a few random pages, every one a memory! That can be the tag line for Book 3!


Book #1 was awesome. Can’t wait for #2.


Can’t wait for someone to open it on Christmas morning!


Hope it ends up under my Christmas tree this year …


Front Cover -- Lost Ottawa Book One

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People loved Lost Ottawa the Book last year. They loved getting it, reading it, giving it. The folks in the bookstore even told me they loved selling it.

It’s the same this year with Lost Ottawa, Book Two. It’s nice getting such a positive response!

But why do people like it so much?

Well, give a copy to anyone and the first thing they say will likely be “OMG! I remember that.”  Or maybe, “I used to go there.” Then come the memories of what they used to do and say, at Lansdowne Park, on Sparks Street, in the schoolyard or at some favourite restaurant, no gone.

Thats what it’s all about. Remembering places we used to go, and the things we did. Places that shaped us, events we shaped by being there, experiences that made us who we are, and Ottawa the city that it is.

Lost Ottawa, Book Two Front Cover

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Here’s what people said about Lost Ottawa Last Year

I have it on the coffee table. Everyone who visits my place gets right into it. 


Got your book as a Christmas present and have not yet put it down yet. Thank you for all the wonderful information.


Got your book for Christmas. Dinner will be late …


“We gave my 101 year old Mother-In-Law your book for Christmas and she loved it. Her Christmas basket was filled with many things but Lost Ottawa was the hit. Thank You.”


Christmas morning at the kitchen table – turning through each page and listening to my father and mother-in-law talk about each photo and their memories. Conversation not stopping. Awesome.


At 96, my dad isn’t the easiest person to buy for …  Today we gave him a copy of your book and he was absolutely thrilled. He thanked me 3 or 4 times. Thanks for the memories Lost Ottawa!


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