You might not have been getting your daily fix of Lost Ottawa recently, so in this post we explain how to get more Lost Ottawa in your Facebook feed.

What’s the problem?

Well, our stats used to say that Lost Ottawa posts went out to an average of 15,000 to 20,000 people, but we have 45,000 members. Those numbers meant there was a good chance you saw at least one post from us every day.

Our current stats say that recent posts from Lost Ottawa are only being seen by 5,000 to 10,000 people. These numbers mean some of you aren’t seeing any Lost Ottawa content at all on some days. Maybe even a few days in a row.

Our declining number are the result of adjustments Facebook has made to its famous algorithm, intending to emphasize “family” and “social interaction” (and distract people from the various Russian and privacy scandals they’ve been having lately).

What to do? Here are three steps you take to tell Facebook you want more Lost Ottawa content.

Step Three is the one you should take if you want to get more content right now, but first …

Step One

To keep getting Lost Ottawa in your feed, the most important thing you can do over time is engage with Lost Ottawa content when you see it. The almighty FB algorithm will know that you liked a post, gave a thumbs up to comment, clicked on a picture, or (best of all) left a comment, and Facebook will send you more content.

You can actually start declaring your interest right now by going to the Lost Ottawa Facebook community page and interacting with the posts and pictures we have there. Plus, you’ll get a chance to catch up — and we’ve been posting some good stuff lately.

Step Two

Give Lost Ottawa priority in your FB preferences.

To do this, go to your own Facebook page and find the News Feed link at the top left. Click on the three dots to get the drop down menu, then choose “Edit Preferences.”

Photo a facebook homage showing where to find edit preferences under the news feed.

You’ll get the preferences window you see below.

Screengrab showing preference you can customize.

Click on “Prioritize who to see first.” You’ll get the next screen.

The Facebook prioritize presence screen.

Click on our logo. The star will appear. Voilà and you’ve just told Facebook you want it to give priority to Lost Ottawa content. Click “done” to exit.

You could see quite a few logos in this window, so you might need to choose “all” and then “pages only” from the drop-down button to find the logo for lost Ottawa.

Also, one oddity here is that you can choose up to thirty things to “see first.” So you likely won’t actually see Lost Ottawa first in your feed … but it’s a start!

Step Three

You can tell Facebook to send you more Lost Ottawa by changing some settings on the Lost Ottawa Facebook community page.

Start by finding the “following” button towards the top of the page.

Screen showing how to set "see first" under prioritize, and "all on" under notifications.

Under the header for news feed, choose “see first.”  Under the heading for notifications choose “all on (posts).”

This will theoretically tell Facebook that your are not only interested in Lost Ottawa, but so interested you want them to send you all Lost Ottawa posts.

No more algorithm … maybe. I suspect FB will  send you all our posts only as long as you keep interacting with the content. Otherwise they’ll decide you really did want to see all those cat videos.

That’s it. Follow all these steps and you’ll be getting more Lost Ottawa soon!