At Lost Ottawa we post at least two and sometimes as many as six photos every day. We post every morning and every night, but you might not be seeing them in your Facebook feed.

That’s because Facebook has deliberately turned down the distribution of pages like ours via their famous (or infamous) “algorithm,” which is the mathematical and statistical construct Facebook uses to determine what you want to see in your feed, based on your behaviour.

That is very annoying to us. Since you presumably joined Lost Ottawa to see our posts, you might be annoyed, too.

But, there is something you can do about it! Two things, actually — feed the beast and change your Facebook settings.

One is for the long-haul. The other is for immediate results. We explain both in this post. We even made a video!

Step One: Feed the Beast

To keep getting Lost Ottawa in your Facebook feed, the most important thing you can do over the long-haul is engage with Lost Ottawa content when you see it.

Click on a picture, like a picture, open the picture in a viewer, share a post, leave a comment, like a comment, reply to a comment. All these things tell the algorithm that you are interested in Lost Ottawa, and Facebook will send you more of it. If you pass a picture by, Facebook assumes you aren’t interested. You’ll get less Lost Ottawa and more cat videos.

If you haven’t seen a post from Lost Ottawa in a while, you can re-declare your interest by going to the Lost Ottawa Facebook community page right now. Engage with our latest posts and pictures. Facebook will note your behaviour.

Plus, you’ll get a chance to catch up. We’ve been posting good stuff with tons of interesting comments!

Step Two: Change your Settings

You can explicitly tell Facebook to send you more Lost Ottawa by making simple changes to your preference settings.

To make these changes, go to the Lost Ottawa Facebook community page. You can do this by searching for Lost Ottawa in the Facebook search box, or Googling. Lost Ottawa should be the top result. Click on that, and you’re there. You can also go to your Facebook homepage and look under explore on the upper right. Click Pages and select Lost Ottawa from there. You will arrive at

Now find the “Following” button under the banner picture. Click on that. You’ll see a drop down menu.

Screen showing how to set "see first" under prioritize, and "all on" under notifications.

Under the lower notifications heading, choose “All On (Posts).” That tells Facebook you want to see all the posts from Lost Ottawa.

Under the upper new feed heading, choose “See First.” This tells Facebook that you want to prioritize posts from Lost Ottawa, and signals that you are really really are interested.

And that should be that! You should now see all the posts from Lost Ottawa in your feed, and you told Facebook that you want to see them before the cat videos!

Maybe … I suspect Facebook will keep sending send you all of our posts only as long as you keep interacting with the content. Otherwise they’ll decide you really didn’t want to see Lost Ottawa, after all. Cat videos it is!