We’ve got a new feature for you here on the Lost Ottawa website. It’s a page that contains all the latest posts from Lost Ottawa on Facebook.

If you missed some recent posts, now you can catch up!

Our new feature is a response to the fact that Facebook used its famous algorithm this year to turn down the distribution of posts from pages like ours — something that’s had some pretty serious consequences.

For example, having worked pretty hard over the past five years to build a community of more than 46,000 members, we were at the point where the average reach of  a Lost Ottawa post was getting to be 10-15,000 people. Then all of a sudden average reach went down to 2000 or 3000.

The decline in numbers meant two things.First, only only a small part of the community was getting to see any given post. Second, even if we had four or more posts a day, we weren’t going to be able to reach all of the members of our community in a day, and maybe not over two days, or even a week.

Indeed, even though we were still posting two to four stories (and sometimes more) every day, people started asking what happened? Where did Lost Ottawa go?

Its’s still the same today. We know that most people in the Lost Ottawa community are not seeing all the posts, or even any of the posts, and that means they’re missing some good stuff!

Well, enough of that whining. Here’s the solution. A Facebook feed page where you can come anytime to see what’s been happening, check out the latest posts and easily head back to Facebook to leave your two cents worth.

There should be an initial ten posts on the page, but you can add more by going all the way to the bottom. There should be a initial smattering of comments, but you can see more by clicking on the “+” sign.

You can’t go back forever, but you can go a pretty long way. Enough, we think, to make you stop!

Check it out and see what you’ve been missing lately.

Sorry we’re not yet able to search or filter all the posts yet … but we’re working on it!